This section provides further information regarding QuTech’s finances, based on the framework of the partner covenant established in 2015. Note that this financial overview does not take funding from other grant providers or partners (Microsoft, Intel) into account. The QuTech Partnership Agreement was signed by the following partners: 

  • The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (MinEZK)
  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MinOCW)
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)
  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
  • The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), specifically:
  • NWO domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (NWO/TTW)
  • NWO domain Science (NWO/ENW)
  • TKI Holland High Tech

The partners agreed to financially support QuTech for the 10-year period from June 2015 to June 2025. The funding for the first part of the period was allocated at the start of QuTech. The allocation of the 2020-2025 budgets was conditional to a positive midterm evaluation. The highly positive midterm evaluation we received in March 2019 formed the basis for NWO to invite QuTech to develop plans for activities to be funded from the second half of the QuTech partner covenant funding. Since NWO now also includes the former FOM organization (now NWO/ENW) as well as the former STW organization (now NWO/TTW), this part of the funding comprises a total amount of 12,5 million euro.

Scientific, engineering and support staff at QuTech, as well as all operating budgets and investments, are currently funded through four primary sources:

  1. TU Delft
  2. TNO
  3. Industry funding
  4. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, TKI Holland High Tech, NWO/ENW, and NWO/TTW.

In addition to funding from the above contributing parties, QuTech researchers receive funding for PhD students, postdocs, running budgets and investments via research grants applied for through the NWO, the European Union (ERC grants, H2020 grants), IARPA, ARO, etc. 

The 10-year budget established in 2015 includes the following in-kind and in-cash contributions by partners:

TU Delft in-kind29M€
TU Delft in-cash20M€
TNO in cash*50.75M€
NWO/TTW in cash9.6M€

* The TKI Holland High Tech allowance is included in the budgets of TNO and NWO/ENW.

TU Delft budget

The 10-year commitment of TU Delft includes:

In-kind contribution (29 million euro)

  • Provision for housing, energy, cleanroom, infrastructure and professors/ researchers/personnel from the TU Delft faculties Applied Sciences (TNW) and Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EWI).

In-cash contribution (20 million euro)

  • Provided from TU Delft strategy funds.

TNO budget

The 10-year TNO budget consists of:

TNO strategic funds (29.75 million euro)

  • SMO (Samenwerkings Middelen Onderzoek) from the High Tech Systems and Materials roadmap and ICT roadmap
  • Early Research Programme

MinEZK via TNO (11.75 million euro)

  • This is the MinEZK fund allocated to TNO for QuTech purposes

TKI allowance via TNO (9.25 million euro)

  • This is based on the contribution of 1 million euro/year from private companies

NWO funding

At the start of QuTech, FOM, STW and NWO were separate organizations contributing funding. 
From these organizations we received the following funding for the years 2015-2020, and spent the money accordingly: 

NWO/ENW: 3.75 million euro for the startup packages for three QuTech PIs (two group leaders and one full professor).

NWO/ENW: 3.75 million euro reflecting the Industrial Partnership Programme (IPP) with Microsoft.

NWO/TTW: 2.6 million euro for PhD students, materials, equipment, cleanroom, and engineers has been spent as described in a proposal approved by TTW.

NWO/TTW in 2019 also awarded the annual budget of 1 million euro for 2018 and for 2019 based on plans submitted by QuTech.

The TKI-allowance generated from the IPP collaboration between Microsoft, TU Delft, NWO/ENW was intended to be routed via NWO/ENW. In 2017, QuTech, NWO/ENW and TKI Holland High Tech agreed to grant the allowance directly to QuTech.

For the period 2020-2025, NWO, following the positive midterm evaluation, invited QuTech to submit plans for the use of the combined NWO-funding of 12.5 million euro. These plans will include fundamental research activities as well as more application oriented and application-based activities.